Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion

Elon Musk

Let’s elaborate, as news of Elon Musk buying Twitter has flooded the internet over the past few days.

The Tesla billionaire is determined to take the giant communications platform private by offering $43 billion for a company that has a market share of $37 billion.

How Elon bought Twitter and how he plans to rename the social media platform.

It all came as a surprise when the world’s richest man bought a 9.2 stake in Twitter for $2.9 billion.

Dollar was prepared with a series of events that invited people to join the Twitter board, days after buying a significant stake in Twitter, Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal revealed in a tweet,

Parag Aggarwal wrote that I am excited to share that we are appointing Elon Musk to our board.

Seven minutes after the Tesla founder and CEO accepted the offer on the same platform, many around the world believe the TEC H icon is about to make a big difference to Twitter.

Many people’s hopes were dashed when Twitter told the world that Elon had turned down the board’s offer.

Was it really a clever move?

Elon expressed his desire not to join the board on the same day his appointment was going to take effect.

A closer look at the message sent by Parag Agarwal to the Twitter team reveals that something big could be happening behind the scenes.

Had this been the case, it would have been written in the last paragraph of Parag’s message that further attention would be diverted.

It was a clever move indeed, as he had a bigger goal in mind, which was unknown. NY Elon Musk had a plan to buy 100 stocks in Twitter.

The technical genius knew that if he had to join the board, he had to make his own appointment.

Twitter will not be allowed to buy more than 15 stakes in the company within a few days of the rejection.

The board expressed its intention to take Twitter private for $43 billion, which translates to a price of 54.20 per share.

Tesla CEO is confident Twitter shareholders will love the price he believes is the best price, Elon Musk Twitter’s buy search was halted.

For a moment Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alawid bin Talal declined Musk’s offer in a tweet.

In which it was written that I do not believe that the 54.20 proposed by Elon Musk comes close to the intrinsic value of Twitter, its growth.

Did Saudi Arabia violate freedom of expression?

KHC is the term shareholder of Twitter Kingdom and the prince is the chairman of Kingdom Holding Company, which has a significant stake in Twitter.

Elon Musk’s response to the lifting of Udi Prince was a major blow to the prince after the Tesla founder questioned the Saudi kingdom’s views on freedom of journalistic expression.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia faced severe criticism after journalist Jamal Khashoggi, known for violating freedom of expression in Saudi Arabia in 2018.

Khashoggi, a columnist for a Washington Post, was assassinated by agents of the Saudi government at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

It is regrettable that Saudi Prince Talal has a significant stake in Twitter, a platform that promotes free speech and democracy around the world.

When the Tesla CEO retaliated, the genius always found a way to retaliate, and Elon Musk likely took Twitter private.

Did Elon Musk need more money?

Elon Musk joined Twitter by adding more shares in the company, a mechanism known as Poison Bill, which seeks to prevent the takeover of the Poison Bill scheme.

Attempts to reduce Elon Musk’s stake. All other shareholders expect Elon to be allowed to purchase new shares at a discount.

Elon Musk’s stake will eventually be reduced to 9.2 percent. This means that the Tesla founder will now have access to more money.

If he wants to keep Twitter private, however, it is highly unlikely that Elon Musk will swallow the board’s temptation. Because it’s already declared.

Its price just isn’t the best. But aware of the fact that his plan to buy 100 stocks in Twitter while attending a TED conference in 2022 could fail, he clarified that the board should have stopped.

Musk gave details about Plan B from taking over the huge social media platform. When Chris Anderson, the founder of TED Talk, asked him if it was possible to speculate about Elon’s next move.

Tesla founders will reconsider their investment in the giant social media platform, in which they invested 2.9 billion.

Twitter is now worth nearly 3.6 billion in shares, as Musk bought his stake in the company.

Was Elon Musk trying to bring his own new platform?

Elon Musk’s influence can then be achieved. When he is on your side you are sure to win, but when he is on the other side, you are sure to lose.

If the world’s richest man reconsiders his investment in the company, Elon Musk Twitter will suffer a major loss.

Social media platforms, he can deactivate his Twitter account and all accounts of his company such as Tesla and SpaceX.

In 2018, Tech Genius filed a data breach with Facebook, alleging that Facebook colluded with the British firm of Cambridge Analytica, which interfered.

After that Elon Musk decided to delete his Facebook account. Tesla and SpaceX It’s also possible that Elon may decide to roll out a new social media platform based on his tweets.

The new platform will be incredible given Elon Musk’s track record. Silicon Valley has golden hands that touch anything through its Tesla company, it has revolutionized the e-way industry.

SpaceX has done a great job in space and rocket technology, Musk has everything it takes to launch a communications platform that will give Facebook and Twitter a run.

Easy Points:-
  • Also he has excellent leadership skills which will help him in getting a talented team which will develop the social media platform.
  • There is a high chance that his platform will become popular as his name is already a household name in the US and if his one simple tweet is enough to cause price fluctuations in the stock.
  • He will easily influence many people to join his platform. Musk believes Twitter is fading.
  • It needs to be revived He wants to take Twitter private so that as soon as he brings a 9.2 stake in Twitter, he can change the company.
  • The Tesla CEO is also expected to make the Twitter algorithm public, in the process of developing an edit button for the platform.
  • Twitter will have a facelift after the reforms that affect what people see on the platform.
  • There is also a possibility that the facelift of Twitter will also come with a new name that it has hinted at.

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