Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie Ending Explained

In a new news, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is finally in theaters in North America. The new film is a direct sequel to the film Broly which released in early 2018.

Goku and Vegeta’s attention shifts to Gohan and Piccolo’s side. There’s new interesting news to join in. So let’s break down the ending and where it falls in the overall Dragon Ball canon.

DRAGON BALL SUPER: SUPER HERO: It’s always nice to see cute characters grow and we see this time in Gohan and Piccolo, the Dragon Ball Super series revolves around Goku Vegeta and Power’s tournament.

Everyone else stays away from limelight most of the time. Now we have the Broly film canonical. The Red Ribbon Army and the return of Gohan and Piccolo to see Gohan the Beast for the first time is arguably the film’s most promotional moment.

We see Gohan in his potentially Unleashed form we first saw in the Fusion Saga to push Piccolo over the edge to unlock the new form Gohan almost dies seeing Gohan makes you wonder if Piccolo did was planned.

Also, since he was tricking Gohan with pan shenanigans, the whole fight is reminiscent of Gohan and Cell during the Cell game, but with Piccolo in place of Goku clearly not quite the green entertainment, but it’s not quite the green entertainment of the series.

It’s a great moment seeing this new look that looks very similar to her Super Saiyan 2 hair, although much longer with a silver tint, this new look is much more powerful than we have Piccolo’s new Super Nemesian transformation called Piccolo has made an orange Piccolo.

Not the most imaginative, but also not wrong Piccolo visits Dende in hopes of unlocking more of his potential, but suggests using the Dragon Balls instead because they certainly can.

Piccolo unlocks his ability and activates his new form in the middle of battle. Just before the transition you can see the emblem of Nemesian pride glowing on his back. Similar to Gohan, it is an enhanced version of his potentially Unleashed form.

It’s great to see both students and teachers alike given their long-standing relationship on the series, mentioning seeing Gohan use a fully specialized beam cannon on his final attack for the first time. do not. emotionally charged moments.

Speaking of taking that particular beam cannon, Cell kinda is back as Cell Max because we got new androids and another Cell. This Cell is very different in many ways. Cell Max doesn’t have the ability to absorb the others. Which caused a lot of concern in DBZ fans recall.

The Sail Max feels almost wild when compared to the original Sail. In its first three forms, the cell was quite talkative and speech-oriented. He just walked out of the gate. This may be due to his lack of origin but it was clearly his fight.

We have Dr. Hedo, the grandson of Dr. Gero, who created the new Android Gamma 1 and 2 Plus Cell Max. We finally find him looking to turn himself in after the chaotic events of the final battle.

His overall goal was to create superheroes to prevent potential threats to Earth, which he was implicated in thinking led by the Capsule Corporation.

We have been getting former villains with good people in back to back movies. The bad guy being a good guy is ultimately typical of most of the villains in the Dragonball universe. In the last movie we had Chilai Lemo and Broly and now Dr. Hadow and we accept Gamma 1 as well.

Even though Gamma 2 has sacrificed itself, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him hopefully again in Avengers Endgame’s Particle Dispersion.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Post Scene

We have a post-credits scene in the film that shows the end of Goku and Vegeta’s fight that took place off-screen during Piccolo and Gohan’s adventure. When they fall to the floor, Goku says it was a Vegeta fight.

If you told anyone that the new Dragon Ball movie Vegeta ends with Goku, that’s probably how they portrayed it. It’s a nice bonus for weary Vegeta fans of Goku to always come out on top.

Broly had a front row seat for all of this so maybe he learned some new tricks but who knows when we’ll see him in action again and that’s our biggest question.

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