Cyclops Was Justified in Killing The X-Men’s Founder

A good news, Professor Xavier may be best known as the legendary founder of Marvel Comics’ X-Men and the surrogate father of Cyclops, but he has blurred the line between hero and outright villain on more than one occasion in the name of his goals.

Charles operates with the mindset that the end justifies the means. Unfortunately for Professor X that eventually caught up with him when his award student, Scott Summers, ended his life and Scott was justified in doing so.

Avengers vs. X-Men by Matt Fraction considers the killing of the more Phoenix-possessed Cyclops a drastic step for the X-Men’s field leader. This makes logical sense when considering all of Charles’ dark work. On more than one occasion Xavier’s conspiracies have caused great pain.

Charles’ infatuation begins in the early days of the X-Men, ignoring his unwarranted feelings for Jean Grey, he reveals his romantic love for her during an internal monologue by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in X-Men #3. accepts. Professor X’s calculations quickly involve Kishore Rishi in their plans.

He essentially smuggles her in to serve as Sebastian Shaw’s briefcase so that he can keep her a spy within the Hellfire Club instead of allowing her to join the X-Men’s first class, while Charles once is for genes. His education hardly serves him better than not acting on emotions.

He instructs them to attack the minds of innocent people to get what they want which Jean still does today. Years later he also broke his so-called code by unleashing an incredible psychic attack on Magneto in X-Men #25 by Fabian Nicizza and Andy Kubert, which left his old foe in a vegetative state and sowed the seeds for the birth of the attack.

A psychic energy inspired by the combined powers of Javier and Magneto that nearly destroys the world. Wolverine and his compatriots were not second-class X-Men.

Instead of admitting his failure, Charles wipes out the minds of all who team up to cover their tracks in an attempt to save his predecessors from the surviving island of Cracoa, including Cyclops’ long-lost brother Vulcan. Huh. knew of its existence irreparably destroyed its status as a moral center.

Fans have long known that Xavier is far from perfect, like his X-Men. But despite Xavier’s mistakes and his blatant crimes, Cyclops’ execution of Charles was met with derision from some of his fellow comrades. Scott Phoenix was not under the influence of the force. So it’s not hard to see why he thinks so.

If Charles had been more ethical about his telepathic training, Jean Gray would not have been so fickle with his power, an unfortunate character trait that sent him on the way to the Dark Phoenix and left Scott as a broken man where Till Professor X knew.

What’s worse, arguably, he covered it up by erasing Scott’s memories and burying all evidence, thereby depriving Scott of the perennially alienated family connection he so desperately needed.

Now that Charles is carrying on his old tricks in today’s Krakoan era, it is more than possible that Scott will be the one to let him down once again. And as before, he will be more than justified. The founder of Marvel Comics’ X-Men may have been the one to bring the team together when it comes to his death at the hands of Cyclops.

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