Celebrities Who Have Broke the Internet

The Internet has enabled much of the world to be consumed and shared at an incredible rate, sometimes completely dominating the websites we use.

When it comes to hilarious, scandalous and downright ridiculous celebrity news, people’s fingers move at superhuman speed.

When something goes viral, consumes every outlet and platform, almost instantly reinforcing the person or trend in history. For example, Motley Fool drummer Tommy Lee decided to show a bit of brutality on social media in the early hours of August 11.

The musician is already somewhat famous for his big ‘drumsticks’ thanks to his and ex-wife Pamela Anderson’s infamous tape, which was leaked in 1996.

It seems he felt like sharing his manhood with the world once again. Full front nude photo on social media around 3 am. The photo remained there for hours until it was eventually removed from Instagram and Facebook, although it was still available to view on Twitter more than 24 hours later.

Lee has not commented on his actions, but the picture was sandwiched between two other suggestive posts.

There was a picture of a banana protruding from a small statue, and one who was looking at a naked man and asking him, “How do you breathe through that little thing?”

Social media users were a bit shaken by Lee’s sudden appearance! One Twitter user commented, “Tommy Lee getting his chopper out on IG was not on the bingo card for 2022.

Another joked about the epic coverage of the situation, saying, “Your silence on Joe Biden’s Tommy Lee Instagram photo is a national disgrace.” Click through this gallery to find out which other celebs have broken the internet in their own way.

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