Britney Spears’ Ex-Husband Finally Receives Jail Sentence For Crashing Her Wedding

Great news, pop princess Britney Spears is no longer subject to conservatism, thus the singer was finally free to marry longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari and record with Elton John. Her third marriage did not take place without a hitch.

On June 9, Spears’s first husband, Jason Alexander, ransacked her home. Alexander and Spears were married in 2004 in a total of 55 hours. According to Alexander, the two were indeed in love but according to ABC News his team broke up with him for trespassing. US Her only job in the U.S. was to make sure Spears was okay.

Spears’ attorney, Matthew Rosengart, told Rolling Stone about the incident. It was a humiliating security breach that I am concerned about but luckily Brittany is safe and she was a wonderful and happy bride. Thankfully the police reached the spot. Spears and Asgari were quite shaken but the party went ahead as planned.

Britney Spears has new reasons to regret her brief marriage to Jason Alexander As we mentioned they were only 55 hours married, yet Alexander feels Spears’s safety, hence her wedding in front of him. The reason for this was his strange presence in the house.

Sikandar is arrested and requested not to fight against trespass and battery. According to the result sound, Sikandar has been sentenced to 128 days after serving a sentence of 64 days, he may have got a lighter sentence.

He had committed the crime in 2015 by stealing a necklace from his landlord. Spears and her now-husband Sam Asghari were also given a restraining order against Alexander after the break-in.

Inside Alexander Spears Home broadcasts via Instagram Live According to Rolling Stone I’m Jason the First Husband to Crash It Here Unfortunately for Alexander the first doesn’t mean the last.

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