Brian Stelter to depart CNN as it cancels ‘Reliable Sources’ media show

In a new piece of news, CNN is canceling its Sunday media affairs show Reliable Sources and host Brian Stelter is leaving the network. Stelter tells NPR. Grateful for testing the show and his team.

Stelter promised to say more in the final episode of Sunday’s show, saying it was a rare privilege to lead a press-focused weekly show at a time like this.

Stelter began blogging as a student and became a media reporter for the New York Times. Trusted Source is the longest-running show on CNN and has been hosted by Stelter for nine years and since March, celebrating the show’s 30th anniversary. Huh.

CNN’s Chris Licht informed Stelter yesterday that Warner Bros. has since taken over Discovery’s acquisition of the old Time Warner company.

The network pulled the plug on its standalone digital platform CNN+, for which it hired former NPR host Audi Cornish and former Fox News host Chris Wallace before it launched.

Often grumbling about the show’s ratings on Twitter, CNN hosts who have been targeted during the Trump years for media coverage from conservatives have publicly engaged in political criticism of CNN. The investor was John Malone, a major financial stakeholder in the new Warner Discovery Group.

During an episode in February, Stelter cited Malone more than a dozen times in coverage of the Discovery deal for CNN and its affiliated properties, expressing some concern about the implications for investors.

CNN’s executive vice president for content development Amy Entellis said Stelter had moved from The New York Times to CNN as the nation’s top media reporter and left CNN as an impeccable broadcaster.

We are proud of what Bryan and his team have achieved over the years and we are confident that their influence and influence will carry the show forward for a long time, adding to the intensity of his periodic remarks during former President Donald Trump’s tenure. Is. Will Stelter is often described as figurative wars over politics, its reporting, and even facts.

This has led him to receive repeated criticism from pro-Trump figures and the taunts of Fox stars Greg Gutfeld and Tucker Carlson. Stelter also covered CNN’s shortcomings and then chief Jeff Zucker was seen as a loyal team player. .

As Stelter later admitted, he was slow to recognize the depth of the problems faced by former CNN star Chris Cuomo in advising his brother, the then New York governor, on how to deal with sexual assault allegations.

A corporate spokesperson confirmed the show’s closure, saying that the network wishes Stelter the best of luck in his future endeavors; The show began under veteran Washington correspondent Bernard Kalb and continued under longtime media reporter Howard Kurtz.

Kurtz now hosts a show on Fox News with a similar format called MediaBuzz which will become the only major national television show to analyze the news business and journalism.

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