Biden attacks Trump, saying his wing of the Republican party is a threat to democracy

In a new piece of news, President Biden warned Americans on Thursday that democracy was under attack by a faction of the Republican Party led by former President Donald Trump, and called on Democrats to vote alongside mainstream Republicans and independents.

In a rare prime-time speech, Biden attacked his predecessor, saying that what is happening in our country today is not normal.

Biden said the Republican Party is scared of Donald Trump’s clout and his supporters see it as a threat to the country. Working to give state partisans and cronies the power to decide elections in America, empowering election opponents to undermine democracy is speaking outside Freedom National Historical Park in downtown Philadelphia.

The White House claimed it was not a political speech, but Biden launched several political campaigns against Trump and his supporters, calling them MAGA Republicans, referring to the ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan used by former President Donald Trump. and MAGA represent the Republican one. He said that extremism is a threat to the very foundation of our republic.

Strategists say Biden is trying to capitalize on recent momentum On concerns about the impact of the Supreme Court’s abortion decision and the ongoing coverage of Trump’s legal problems on the presidential bill, former adviser Doug Sosnick said, Biden is looking to capitalize on a series of legislative victories after months of struggle in the polls.

Sosnick said the real power of the presidency is understanding Pulpit’s use of intimidation. The better your standing with the American public, the more likely you are to be influenced by your speech. Democratic pollster Ben Tulchin called on Democratic pollster Ben Tulchin to change his strategy and push Republicans more directly. Praised Biden and his team for taking the lead.

He Said Biden Is Wise To Set Up A Big Difference Between Himself And Trump And Republicans Every Hero Needs A Villain, Tulchin And Donald Trump Play A Very Good Villain Republican Said Biden Was Divisive . In front of the House, Republican leader Kevin McCarthy asked Biden to apologize.

McCarthy in his speech from Pennsylvania: Why has President Biden chosen to divide and humiliate his fellow Americans? Just because they disagree with their policies, leadership is not. Biden tried to make it clear that he was not criticizing all Republicans. He was calling on mainstream Republicans to reject that wing of his party.

We are not powerless in the face of these dangers. We do not stand in this on-going attack on democracy. There are more Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs who reject the extreme MAGA ideology than those who accept it.

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