Beast movie review & film summary 2022

In a new piece of news, director Baltasar Kormákur’s “Beast” is better than most of its mid-August releases, executing it in just under 90 minutes on its wild-beast-evil complex.

Veteran cinematographer Philippe Rousselot shot some of the gorgeous South African wilderness scenes. A formidable foe who seems omniscient and indestructible, not to mention the proper vengeance and the scene in the trailer where Idris Elba punches a lion in the face.

It’s easy to imagine Leo the Lion rolling his eyes in disbelief because, like the monster in this movie, the current MGM logo is a strange-looking CGI interpretation of a lion.

Speaking of logos, this is yet another film that would have initially benefited from the presence of a serious ol’ Universal logo from the 1970s to let audiences know they were in for some fun-spoiler mayhem.

There is a lot in animals. The Slayer Lion can time an entire group of men with AR-15s to jump onto cars and reach windows to swat at human prey. Ryan Angle’s screenplay doesn’t give the big cat a name.

Rory is probably furious that the hunters have killed off his entire pride, so it is his mission to kill everyone he encounters with extreme prejudice. This is the law of the jungle. Martin Battle says that the Lions react so violently when their pride is threatened.

And here is South Africa, where Dr. Nate Samuels grew up with Martin’s ex-wife, introduced the two, and their union produced two daughters, Nora and her eldest Meredith, Meredith is a photographer like her mother.

After their separation, Nate’s ex dies of cancer, causing an angry distance between Meredith and the father, causing her to leave the family. Dr. Nate is taking his daughters to his mother’s old trough.

Hoping to mend her relationship with him, Nora says it’s only a matter of day when she learns that the Beast has no cell phone service and no Wi-Fi in between.

This is followed by a brief glimpse of Rory as the first of several attacks. As the film progresses, we’ll see his handiwork in more graphic detail, first on the body of an injured man who is in Martin’s jeep asking for help.

When Martin goes to a nearby village to seek help, he discovers it is littered with mutilated bodies. Lions don’t do this. Martin asked Dr. Nate and Rory Samuels to prove his point.

The Beast is about Dr. Nate, who must protect his daughters by all means. The task is a little harder than expected, given that at times it seems like Nora and Meredith are secretly mingling with their hunters.

People do stupid things in horror movies all the time to get the audience back on screen, but they don’t whenever Nate tells them to stay in the car. They wander off at inappropriate moments knowing full well that Rory is spending his time there.

While their father is quietly trying to escape their nemesis, their kids start blowing the damn Jeep horn and trying to get them to sit on the walkie-talkie while Jeffries and Hailey effectively express fear and heroism.

A scene of vengeance against their enemy is a definite crowd-pleaser. The screenplay often limits them to disappointing antics to add to the suspense.

They are paying a big price and they have the test of brother-sister bond and the message that protecting their family is the ultimate goal of existence.

Using her for a suspension of disbelief for this movie boils down to. When Dr. Nate last went with Rory to a bun with Mano, I expected Bill Conti’s theme Rocky to start playing.

If Idris Elba can wrestle with the lions on screen then there should be no more argument about his credentials to be the next James Bond.

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