Barcelona vs. Man City result: Teams play to exciting draw to conclude charity friendly at Camp Nou

In a new piece of news, the European season began a few weeks ago, but giants FC Barcelona and Manchester City broke from their competitive efforts as they faced off in a charity match at the Camp Nou, a close to home for both organisations.

The club played out a 3–3 draw in front of 91,000 fans with Barcelona fans Frankie de Jong Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Memphis Depay on the scoresheets for all hosts.

Julian Alvarez and Cole Palmer scored for Man City, and Riyad Mahrez scored a penalty in stoppage time to level the score. Juan Carlos Anzu, former teammate and assistant coach to Pep Guardiola, in a match called A Great Game for a Greater Cause.

Each manager names a strong team for the event that teams are expected to feature top players in support of ALS research, while matches are scheduled in the middle of the league season, still fairly early in the campaign. that it will allow both of them to participate.

Champions League group stage games were not scheduled for a couple of weeks; 90 Minutes was a success with massive audiences, causing many people to be pulled over after a one-on-one collision.

Moments later Erling Haaland clearly flopped to win the equalizer penalty which Mahrez blew home. Guardiola and Xavi have a friendly hug and whistling laughter throughout which kicks off a pleasant evening.

This is an amazing match with lots of action for a good cause. It ended with a whisper as the idea lay with the injured Mbtete and Erling Haaland flopped to win the penalty but overall the match was a success from every angle.

90+8 min: Penalty Man City only on field Erling Haaland won a penalty for the visitors as they seek to equalize the death score.

One replay shows a slight touch to the back of his leg but it doesn’t bother him much before sticking his face out of nowhere. Watching the replay for the second time you can actually see the moment Haaland decides to go down.

Riyad Mahrez made the move and scored Man City an absolutely thunderous penalty in the top right corner 90+6 min: after over 10 mins we are back at the end 11 mins given injury time of which six first Have just used.

After that Mbete is sitting in a head conflict and talking about the signals with the trainers but then he lays back. The car comes out and it is too late. Mbete is eventually tied to a backboard and gets stuck in the car.

As the board is loaded onto the cart, players from both sides arrive to send their best wishes to the Man City youngster, it has been a rough night in the game for Barcelona goalkeeper Arnau Tennes New, with an almost horrific error.

Gets himself out of trouble as Kevin De Bruyne is put to a standstill as Andreas Christensen who is new to Jules Conde hits the head with City’s Mbte-Taboo while Christensen is up while Mbtey gets a little more attention Are being given. The attendance requirement was announced as over 91,000 fans.

Incredible Voting Target for Charity Match ALS Research Barcelona could not do anything about that smash finish from Depay to benefit Ortega Memphis. A major switch of the game comes to Sergi Roberto who hits Depay on the penalty spot with a right low cross.

The Dutchman is unmarked and when he walks in it’s a bang-up ending. Barcelona made a few further changes, with Iyaki taking the place of Matar, as well as scoring a goal for Sergio Dest to replace Sergi Roberto, who interestingly replaced the young Anu Fati.

Opportunity Barcelona is looking to finish a charge ahead of Memphis Depay Gavi but Ortega is on the save for Man City. The referee flies off Gavi with a crunching tackle, but the free-kick is delivered in a dangerous position Barcelona cannot convert as the goalkeeper is wrapped in a bread basket.

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