Antonio Brown needs to stop talking about Tom Brady

In a new piece of news, apparently one spot on the Buccaneers and the Super Bowl ring isn’t enough to make Antonio Brown think about everything he says about Tom Brady. Contrary to the mask he’s wearing, it looks like Antonio Brown is having a really hard time.

A goofy rap career is one thing, but going after Tom Brady and the Buccaneers is an odd move for a man who owes so much to the quarterback Brady has used in his power to extend Brown’s career in the NFL.

Goat went the distance to let the Browns stay in his house until Tom Brady showed nothing but support to a player he really cared about and the end result was limited outside that one magical season.

Brown left the books when he was in dire need of a veteran to step up. AB then came under criticism in the media for weeks as everyone tried to figure out what the Books did that caused them to react this way.

Whatever really annoyed Brown, going after Brady doesn’t seem like the best course of action at this point. It’s almost comical to compare Brown’s behavior to Brady being the best player in the history of a sport.

He had another lock for the Hall of Fame before falling off the cliff because of his personality. Brady never does what Brown does. Brady never had that level of distraction.

The Buccaneers learned of Brady’s absence ahead of time. Little did he know that Antonio Brown was leaving his team in the middle of the game.

Antonio Brown needs to keep Tom Brady’s name out of his mouth. He is only making himself worse as he continues to dig these holes.

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