A Doctor Strange 2 Theory Fills in Its Biggest Plot Hole

A good news, the metaphysics of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can be tricky at the best of times. Case in point: the evolution of the Multiverse in the MCU The concept, particularly in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, has so far largely been defined as phase four. With this has come a number of potential plot holes that fans have picked up on.

The eldest Wanda insists on Maximoff’s plan to find a universe where she can live with her children. Can’t she find a place where she doesn’t have to get another Wanda to do this? The answer is a precise demonstration of how the MCU deals with issues like this.

The Multiverse of Madness focuses almost entirely on Wanda’s grief after she tastes family life during the events of WandaVision, and it all disappears after the Forbidden Darkhold gives her the ability to explore alternate universes that come naturally. it happens. Chavez offers the method at the expense of the soul and the reality-hopping powers of America.

Wanda can choose to capture an ideal universe in which two boys need a mother and no separate self to muddy the waters, focusing on a universe that contains another version of herself. it happens. And she takes over the body of her doppelganger. This leads to no end of problems and eventually fails.

So why didn’t she just find a universe where Wanda died and the kids needed a mom? Why is there an elaborate need to walk into the dream and enter the body of the other Wanda? Reddit user separate-sir-7610 gave a ready answer. She couldn’t dream of walking in the universe without Wanda.

Then there would be no boy for her to be a mother to and there would be no one for her to be a dreamer and a dreamer in the universe where Wanda died of causes similar to the one in The Multiverse of Madness by Doctor Strange.

She will handle the body of a zombie. A potential rotting possibility that limits his options to universes with a single living duplicate. Some of it can even turn into cruelty. Darkhold corrupted him. It would be easy enough for Wanda to resent the happy versions of herself and wish she had suffered for it.

This leads to a major turning point in The Multiverse of Madness in which her variant children actively fear what she has become which further reinforces her inability to travel to the world where variant Wanda died. Going after action is stuck because it’s the only viable way to get what she wants.

Not all the logistics are spelled out in the film itself which naturally leads fast-paced fans to alternate conclusions. Can make connections easily Works great on backend too.

The rules of the MCU are invisible and plot holes are always a threat but the way The Multiverse of Madness responds to its biggest answer is proof that those rules are stronger than they are.

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