365 Days 4: Will there be a fourth movie?

In a new piece of news, with The Next 365 Days out now and ending on a vague note, fans are already curious to know if 365 Days 4 is in the works at Netflix.

Blanca Lipinska’s original book series consisted of only three books and Netflix has now adapted and released all three 365 Days 365 Days: This Day and 365 Days.

Spoilers ahead for 365 Days: Netflix released The Next 365 Days in August 2022, and the ending isn’t as final as the trilogy’s end might have hoped for. It’s not only wildly different from the book.

Which really leaves things open for Massimo between Laura and Nacho, given that the ending of the book was highly polarizing. Netflix has not announced 365 Days 4 as of the writing of this article on August 19, 2022.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be any more films, but it doesn’t look like any work is underway.

They seem to generate a lot of views, so if viewership is high enough, the streamer may decide to bankroll the fourth film, which all fans of the two sequels can watch and re-watch the movies on Netflix.

Show support on social media if they want to see the fourth movie, maybe Netflix will look into it, but the best way to get their attention is to promote it and inspire more people to watch the movies.

365 Days 4 Can Tell a Story from Massimo’s Point of view Stephanie Meyer and E.L. Following in the footsteps of other romance writers, James 365 Days author Blanca Lipinska has an idea of ​​where her story is going to lead.

She told TODAY that she isn’t ready to say goodbye to Massimo and wants to tell a new story from the beginning, but this time from Massimo’s perspective it’s similar to what Meyers did to Midnight Sun and James to Freed.

If Netflix decides to go ahead with 365 Days 4, it will probably be told from Massimo’s point of view as she is working on a new project that focuses on the plot of revenge.

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